Power Your SEO Content With AI

Power Your SEO Content With AI

These days, almost every company depends on SEO or search engine optimization content to build out their network of consumers, increase brand awareness, and convert traffic to their websites. In the past, much of this weight has fallen on the individuals working in the organization which means opportunities can, and often are, missed. However, now, as the abilities of AI for SEO Content Creation are evolving and expanding, 37% of all organizations have adopted AI in some form (Gartner Survey 2019). Companies can utilize AI technology for a plethora of different actions. AI can optimize link building, increase search traffic, discover new keyword opportunities, etc. In this blog, we’ll cover the ways in which companies in all industries use AI for SEO content creation. 

Brief Explanation of AI 

Artificial intelligence is the technology that can perform cognitive functions just as a human being would, often functioning even better than humans. AI SEO or AI-powered SEO, are terms for AI assisting in the SEO in regards to keyword research, SERP analysis, optimization suggestions, and even writing content including link building. 

How AI Learns 

AI learns by locating patterns through the data, then, using what it’s learned, makes predictions. Of those predictions, some will be successes and some failures, just like humans, but unlike humans, time goes on the AI will make more accurate predictions until it is almost entirely perfect.

Why AI Is So Beneficial for SEO 

Your ranking on a search engine is based on bot’s (from companies like Google’s) ability to read your text and categorize it. The “bots” we hear about are in fact a form of AI, so it makes sense that you’d want to have your own AI to keep up. AI can optimize your existing copy and content, but it can also give suggestions about new content that targets your audience. AI can optimize existing content, suggest new topics to target, and even automatically find new ways to optimize your website’s overall design. 

AI for SEO Content Creation

SEO content creation driven by AI. It’s real, it’s here, and it’s being proven successful. What’s more, it’s actually more common than you’d think. Technically this is the automatic generating of texture through AI or machine learning. The language it produces doesn’t read robotic and it allows brands to create copy personalize copy that is relevant to their consumers and increases SEO. This doesn’t mean that writers will soon be out of a job, rather, it is a combined effort, allowing them to edit copy and finish their work faster, as it creates meta descriptions, writes meta titles, completes research for a topic, and can even write entire paragraphs.

If you’re searching for ways to ensure that your website is ranked across multiple search engines, you simply need AI, as there’s no real way to do it manually at the speed required. Of course, there will always be a need for humans in digital marketing strategy, but without AI powering your SEO content and web optimization, you may be left constantly trying to play catch up. 

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