What Is AI SEO?

What Is AI SEO?

Want to know how to use AI to improve your SEO? Well first off, let’s go over what it is. 

AI has become increasingly popular to get certain information or perform a task. It’s also a great tool for content creation and optimization. Using technologies like AI and Natural Language Processing allows your business to create content that performs well in voice search results. It’s become a major component of search engine algorithms, including Google’s Rankbrain and BERT, which both use machine learning to provide more accurate search results. AI and SEO are now intertwined and help you complete tasks faster and with greater efficiency than ever before–thanks to AI-powered SEO software. Find out how you can use AI to optimize voice search. 

Optimizes Existing Content

Typically, keyword phrases are generated based on what’s trending before businesses create their content. Then, the content published contains these trending keyword phrases, boosting their search engine ranking and site traffic. Additionally, for voice searches, AI scans the content and suggests modifications based on SEO metrics. AI can do this because it analyzes thousands of web pages containing similar types of content. Taking this data and checking for SEO performance, AI will recommend specific keywords based on the page’s SEO success. Once the AI modifications are incorporated, the content becomes much more SEO-friendly and voice search-friendly

Keyword Extraction and Topic Discovery

As I mentioned previously, AI uses data analytics to search for the best SEO-related keyword phrases in similar types of content. These analytics can be utilized to discover SEO-related information from other sites and forums. Businesses can use this information to “extract” keywords that are highly searched and performing well. Also, AI scans industry trends to recommend topics to businesses to create new SEO-friendly content. 

Basically, AI makes inventing and publishing content to your site way more friendly than just assuming what’s trending. It also helps you to create new content with keyword phrases. AI tools involving SEO optimization are an investment, but a worthy one if you’d like to increase traffic to your online content. 

Optimizing for Voice Search

People aren’t just typing to find out information or buy a product or service. They’re doing it with their voices. Voice search is rapidly evolving into a primary mode of search. Voice-activated devices are the new thing and voice SEO (VSEO) has become an aspect of SEO that has to be addressed. 

The number of voice assistants is increasing globally and is forecasted to reach 8.4 billion in the next few years. Most voice searches are in the form of questions, so content can be geared towards answering those questions. AI steps in here with tools like Frase to help create SEO-optimized content by providing searchers’ frequently asked questions. By analyzing these questions, you can come up with content that answers them.

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