Use SEO to Make the Most of Your Black Friday Sales

Use SEO to Make the Most of Your Black Friday Sales

Black Friday is one of the most important times for businesses to make money, especially because the previous years have kept most people home. Holiday shopping on Black Friday, as well as the Cyber Monday sales that follow, are both madhouses. With so many businesses to choose from, you’ll want to be sure you stand out and get as much traffic as possible, and this is where your SEO or search engine optimization comes in. Search Engine Optimization is not something you can do overnight, so you must start now so that you can be successful in this upcoming holiday season. In this blog, we’ll give you some tips and strategies your company must work on so that you can have amazing Black Friday sales.

Start By Evaluating Where Your Site Is Currently

It’s important to know how user-friendly your site is so that you can figure out ways to improve. Slow loading speeds, both on desktops and mobile devices and smart tables can keep people from returning to your site. Nowadays, more and more people do most of their online shopping and research from their phones, meaning you’ll need a high mobile-friendliness score. Make sure the site has no duplicate content or web pages, and that everything is secure. Google Analytics can help assess your site’s abilities.

Do Your Keyword Research

Holiday keyword research is important to utilize this year’s latest trends. You want to find interesting keywords that aren’t overused, as this will have your company competing with too many businesses and can lead to low sales on Black Friday and Cyber Money. Google Search Console is a great resource to check the data about Holiday SEO from the previous year, and learn about how many users are finding your site and purchasing from your company.

Tips On How To Find The Right Holiday Keyword

The most important aspect of finding the right holiday keyword for your company is to get specific. Overly broad keywords like “best Christmas gifts” will have you competing with national companies like Amazon making it easier to get lost in the shuffle. Of course, you should start with a high-volume search word like “gift Ideas” but then go deeper: What would a customer want from your specific company. The relevance to your company means that people who are searching for your unique products will be able to find you. Another important aspect is to find long-tail keywords, which are phrases rather than short search words such as “gift ideas for young girls” or “gift ideas for my wife who loves jewelry” depending on what your company sells.

Create a Great Landing Page

Lastly, having a great Cyber Monday landing page helps customers feel like they’re getting a deal, and should purchase today. This page shouldn’t go up on the day or even the week before. Create intrigue on the upcoming sales so that customers have a chance to get excited and spread the word.

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