Do You Have Your Holiday SEO Strategy Mapped Out?

Do You Have Your Holiday SEO Strategy Mapped Out?

If your company is gearing up for the holidays, that should include having a solid SEO or search engine optimization strategy. The holidays are when most businesses make a majority of their money, and nowadays many people shop online. In this blog, we’ll go over what steps you must take to map out your holiday season SEO, from what trends to watch, how to implement the right keywords, as well as get your website user friendly. Don’t wait to start implementing these changes, as Cyber Monday is just around the corner and then holiday shopping goes into full swing.

Step 1: Do Your Research

The first step of mapping out your holiday SEO strategy is to study the trends from the previous year. You need to look into business-related keywords from the year previous, particularly around the holiday season. Google Search Console is helpful in this area, as it gives you data about the search queries or phrases that are often googled concerning your product or company. Once you have your keywords, research the trends of when they were most searched. The search volume of each keyword will generally start to raise after Thanksgiving and continue through the week before Christmas.

Step 2: Implementing Keyword Into Your Website

After you understand the trends for the years past, you want to implement them into your current content. Creating holiday sale pages, as well as adding new blogs that utilize the holiday keywords is vital to having a successful SEO strategy. As often as possible, create long-tail keywords which are phrases that utilize multiple keywords. Examples are “best holiday gifts 2021” or “Cyber Monday Sales 2021”. You want a variety of high-volume keywords and holiday long-tail keywords so you get both the regular customers who are searching for your product as well as the holiday shoppers who are searching for gifts.

Step 3: Technicals and Mobile Performance

Once you’ve generated a high volume of traffic towards your website, you need to be sure that your technicals are in place and functioning properly. It means nothing to your business if you get a ton of consumers to your website only to have them click out because your loading times are too slow or there are too many pages to click through. Be sure that your URLs are working, as well as that your pages are secure. Formatting and internal links are the number one cause of consumers leaving websites. Simple things like making sure you have fresh content that has no duplicates, make all the difference for your holiday SEO strategy this year, so pay attention to detail. Also, customers are shopping more often than not with their phones, so having a website that has optimal mobile performance is key.

Mapping out your holiday SEO strategy is necessary, and companies that don’t take notice of the fact that the holiday shopping experience is now almost entirely online are sure to miss out on a great deal of business.

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