5 Ways To Market Your E-commerce Store On A Limited Budget

5 Ways To Market Your E-commerce Store On A Limited Budget

If you’re on a limited budget, here are marketing ideas for your products.

1. SEO – this is free to do and if you’re good at it, can be really effective for driving traffic.

2. Influencer Marketing – start by reaching out to people via Instagram and/or Facebook that you think would best represent your brand and see if they will do a post in exchange for one of your products. Also ask if they would be willing to let you post the images to your website so that will get you more content as well.

3. Create beautiful images for your website and social media channels. Having great photos is super important to get people to take action. Test different types of images too. Do they like to see your products as stand alones, or is it more effective to have someone modeling them? Take several high-quality videos of every product so people can get a good idea of what it looks like.

4. Launch shopping ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Shop App and more. Allowing for a one-click purchase. This has been very effective versus running “regular ads.”

5. Run a contest on social media, preferably with another brand that complements your brand. This has been really effective in generating user-generated content and gaining followers, and is cost effective.

Here are 11 of the best e-commerce platforms for 2022 according to Ecommerce CEO.

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