Should You Optimize Your Podcast for Search?

Should You Optimize Your Podcast for Search?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is vital for any company that lives in the online space, including podcasts. It can enhance your visibility online and get more listeners for your show. In this blog, we’ll go over why you should optimize your podcast for search, some podcast SEO tips, and how you can do it easily with the help of a few online services.

Podcast SEO Tips

SEO for podcasts is important because it gives you a chance to grow your audience through search traffic. There is an untapped market for your podcast made up of listeners who’ve never heard about your show. Getting your podcast to the top of search engines results will lead to more listeners who are interested in the topic of your show. In 2019, Google announced that it was going to begin showing podcasts in its search engine results, making now the perfect time for you to utilize SEO and create a larger fanbase for your podcast.

Get Verified by Google

Start by getting your podcast verified with Google’s Podcast Manager. This enables Google to bring your show to the front of the search engine, something that’s important considering the number of podcasts that are currently on the market, and the incredible influx of more coming out each day.


Find Keywords associated with the topics you discuss in your podcast. Keywords are the words that people Google to see your show pop up on their search engine. There are inexpensive and even some free tools you can use to find these keywords such as Answer The Public and Keyword Surfer. The title of your podcast would be your first and most important keyword, then think of a theme, tone, and a word that best describes the topics of your show. Some podcasts choose a name that is a keyword within itself so that it can be easily found online.

Create content that serves SEO

This means each episode should be relevant to current trends, it should have a clear and straightforward episode structure, and whenever possible should include eye-catching titles. When possible, always include keywords for your topics, both in the description of the episode and the episode’s conversation itself.

Use Social Media To Create Buzz Online

Social media can be an amazing tool to help get the word out about your podcast, and it helps it become higher up on search engines. Google responds to comments, link shares, likes, and general conversations about podcasts. It makes the search engines see the show as valid which helps it receive a high place on the search results page.

Get Your Episodes Transcribed

Although Google does transcribe your podcast episodes, it’s not always accurate, and because getting them transcribed helps your SEO, it’s best to do it yourself. This helps people easily digest the information that will be discussed in each episode and helps new listeners find episodes that are talking about topics they’re interested in.

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