SEO Best Practices for Accounting Firms

SEO Best Practices for Accounting Firms

Utilizing SEO for Accountants & CPA Firms takes the same time and energy as anything in business. It requires research, weighing options, and implementing findings into your current practices succinctly and seamlessly. In this blog, we’ll go over the 5 SEO strategies for CPAs and accounting firms so that your business can reach the right prospective clients and see financial returns.

1. Find Your Keywords

The first step in creating an effective SEO strategy is to make a list of Keywords. Keywords are the words that potential clients are searching for on the internet. You want a specific list of keywords that correlate to what your company offers, such as “Accounts”, “Taxes”, “Audit”, etc. Once you have a list of common keywords, you want to go even more micro, addressing what you specialize in, for example, “accounting for retailers” or “accounting for actors”.

2. Implement SEO for Accountants & CPA Firms

You then want to implement these keywords into your website through your web copy. The URLs your website uses are as important as the content itself, so whenever possible use your keywords and make them clear and concise. However, keywords are just part of your SEO strategy. You want multiple pages for different services, all with unique headings.  Your company’s website should have a flow, with the most useful information front and center.

3. Design A Visually Effective Website

The design of your website affects its ability to rank on a search engine. Web crawlers are bots that look through your site and index it on the internet, and if your website is messy it’s harder for them to read, which will hurt your ranking. Consumers also notice web design and you only have a short time to catch their interest. The font you use should be readable, not too big or too small, and interesting. This keeps consumers on your site for longer, and the longer they stay the more likely they are to book your company’s services.

4.  Update It Often

You want to update your website consistently, with useful content for your potential clientele. Websites that are updated often are favored by search engines which helps get you a higher ranking on Google. Clients also appreciate companies that offer free advice on topics, as it builds trust. If you update your site with useful information, they are likely to share it with their friends thus widening your net of potential consumers.

5. Make Contact Information Accessible

Using SEO strategies can broaden your reach and get more users to your site, but that won’t help your financial status if they don’t know how to reach the company. Each page of your website should end with a strong CTA or call to action, that leads readers to book a meeting with you.  Contact information such as your email, phone number, and address should be easily viewed by the reader on any given page. 

SEO strategies help companies in every industry, and tax and accounting are no different. When you implement these practices and create content that pulls readers in and easily allows them to set a meeting with your company, you’re sure to see financial returns. Contact us today to see how we can help your firm.

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