Discover 5 SEO Tips for Ecommerce

Discover 5 SEO Tips for Ecommerce

Having people come to your fashion site can be a daunting task. With an SEO strategy for your ecommerce business though, numbers of visitors to your site can rise in no time. SEO for ecommerce is its own beast of sorts, so we’ll help you out with five tips you can implement to help push products and stay abreast with customer demands. Keep your eyes glued and scroll for juicy tips and trends on how to use SEO to bring your beautiful products in front of fashion lovers.

SEO for ecommerce has never been simpler. Let’s get into it!

1. User-Friendly Websites Create Customer Loyalty

SEO for ecommerce comes back to one crucial element–the website. If your website is user-friendly, people are more likely to hang out and browse, and thus, buy. 

A user-friendly website actually caters to the customer and their wants and needs before the customer even knows them. If a user hangs out for a long amount of time on your site, Google picks up on this and is more likely to recommend it to other users, so you’ll rank better in search results and up your site traffic. Some ways to make it user-friendly include quick loading pages, easy-to-see CTA buttons, easy-to-shop product pages, and clear and readable font.

2. Use relevant keywords for maximum traffic

Choosing the right keywords helps customers find what you sell. Choosing keywords that are long-tail and include at least three or more words is helpful as well. When you integrate the right keywords into your website copy, you’ll be more likely to attract valuable traffic. 

Conduct keyword research to find relevant terms for product pages. Tools like Semrush and KeywordsFX can help you out. 

3. Navigation is key to sales

When a customer journey begins on your website, they’re looking to get in and get out. They won’t expect to get sucked into an accessible, pleasurable browsing experience. So if you make your products easily accessible and browsable, they’ll be more likely to stay. Focus on straightforward navigation tools to keep users staying on your site. 

4. Want organic traffic? Start blogging

Ecommerce rests on the fact that blogging is its main foundation and power source. Blogging can help drive traffic to your site and actually boost your Google ranking naturally–because you’re providing value. 

People are curious about the latest trends, fashion styles, and how to wear what. The content that you provide directly fills that gap in their knowledge. When you publish helpful and resourceful tips and advice, your audience is more likely to trust you and stay on your site as a sort of thank you for what you’ve provided.

5. Visuals Are Everything

Being an ecommerce company, visuals and photographs tell your whole story. They keep your audience engaged and informed on what you have and who you are. Visuals are key to SEO because they keep leads entertained and engaged. 

Enlist gifs, videos, and photos to showcase product lines and give insight into what you do. The more effort you put into the visual appeal–not overboard of course–with high-quality visuals, the more your audience is likely to stay and browse.

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