Marketing Trends in the Electronic Medical Records Industry

Marketing Trends in the Electronic Medical Records Industry

Marketing trends can show where industries are heading as well as what’s working for successful companies. The electronic medical records industry allows patient medical history to be accessed by multiple providers and different healthcare organizations as well as the patient who’s being treated. This is wonderful for patients, but EMR has had trouble in the past with their marketing due to a lack of internet presence. In this blog, we’ll go over the most successful marketing trends for Medical Practices and clinical EHR systems as well as ways to implement them.

Local SEO For Clinical EHR Systems

When people or potential patients are searching for EHR companies, they use search engine sites like Yahoo or Google. The Electronic Medical Records Industry is using this marketing trend, SEO for medical practices and EHR systems, meaning search engine optimization, as it helps to move them up the line of the results pages. Advanced Web Rankings did a study that showed that 67% of web searchers won’t scroll down past five listings. This means that without utilizing SEO tactics, patients won’t have the option to choose your company as they won’t see it on Google. If you want to implement this trend and make your EMR/EHR company better known to those in your area, you should start by implementing local SEO tactics. Keywords and long-tail keywords, which are the words generally associated with those searching for your services and/or products both on your website and posted content helps connect with consumers with EMR systems in their area.

Utilizing PPC

Pay-per-click or PPC marketing is a huge trend among the electronic medical records industry as it places calculated ads in front of potential patients. PPC has become a popular trend because it gives fast results for companies who are either new, new to online marketing, or offering a new service they want to push. The reason this trend is catching on is it gives professionals in the industry a look into what marketing techniques are working, and what elements of your company consumers are engaging with.

Social Media

You may be thinking that the EMR industry doesn’t have a place on social media, but it’s becoming a popular trend in the industry due to its ability to connect medical industry professionals with their potential patients. If your company wants to try out this successful trend but is new to social media, you should join a group that’s already filled with potential patients, such as “Mayo Clinic” or “Innovation In Health.” Once you gain “followers” aka potential patients, an EMR system can create their own group where they can offer polls and pose questions to answer. This engagement gives professionals invaluable insight into what a patient wants from their medical company and/or medical practice, and what their deal breakers are.

All these trends help potential patients find EMR companies and learn information that leads them to engage with a new way of receiving care. If you’re in the electronic medical records industry and want to implement some of these trends, it may be best to work with a team that specializes in online digital marketing, such as SMM.

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