Why SMM?

Stephanie Marie Marketing is a woman-owned boutique firm with over a decade of experience in marketing and SEO. What makes my company unique is that I specialize solely in SEO. This laser focus enables me to provide the highest level of service and the most impactful results specific to the needs of each individual client.

About Our Founder

Stephanie Long has an extensive background in marketing and communications and has led countless campaigns for both small and large businesses, and is a known SEO expert and media contributor. Additionally, with a Masters’s degree in Communications from the University of Washington, Stephanie is a collaborative partner bringing together the right resources to further your organization’s objectives. She has led successful campaigns in numerous industries including, (but not limited to) health and wellness, SaaS, eCommerce, food and beverage, travel, and entertainment. Clients enjoy her no-nonsense, can-do attitude, commitment to driving results, and highly responsive nature.

SMM is Client-Centric

Our team always has our clients’ best interests at heart and drills down on what matters most to each, whether that’s increasing website traffic, improving bounce rate and keyword ranking, enhancing customer acquisition, or providing them with the tools needed to build a significant competitive advantage. We can perform a full website audit, identify top keywords, improve rankings, pinpoint SEO errors (fixing them in house or passing the information on), and much more. Plus, we tailor our services according to your individual budget and needs. Our offerings include ongoing or project-based work- determined after our initial conversation.

SMM Gets Results

Our team wants you to be successful- your results are our results. Previous clients have seen major gains from using our firm including:

  • A 313% increase in new users
  • An 80% increase in website traffic
  • A Keyword increase of 50+ ranks
  • An acquisition of several new Fortune 500 clients after implementing our SEO recommendations

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