The Top 5 SEO Mistakes And How to Avoid Them

The Top 5 SEO Mistakes And How to Avoid Them

Whether you’re new to search engine optimization (SEO) or you think your company should be getting
more online business than it is currently, it’s important to know about possible SEO mistakes
you’re making as these could be hindering your success.

1. Not Researching Your Keywords

Creating content for your website is important but without the right keywords, your target
audience may never find it. Without implementing the keywords that target what the consumer is
searching for
you won’t be getting any clicks on your web pages which means you’ll never have
search traffic. Writing content that utilizes keywords makes all the difference between having a
successful website and being one of the thousands that go unseen. Avoid this mistake by doing
ample research on the most searched keywords associated with your products and/or services
and create content that supports it.

2. Targeting Keywords That Have Too Much Competition

Researching keywords is vital but even more important is finding keywords that aren’t overused.
Keywords Explorer is a website that allows users to filter keywords through their Keyword
Difficulty (KD) which will tell you how hard it’s going to be for your company to rank on the first
page of results. Still, use the popular keywords that relate to your company if they’re in line with
your business, but only 6% of searchers go to the second page, so you must rank on the first
page by using less competitive keywords for other aspects of your business such as your skills
or resources.

3. Not Being Aligned With User Intent

Search engines like Google want to show results that match the user or search intent to
compare products and companies, or search for specific items. A way to avoid this mistake is by
creating content for a variety of different search intents so that your company has something
that users are looking for and Google will bump your ranking.

4. Not Including Backlinks

Backlinks are the links that connect a web page to another website and Google favors websites
and pages that have a lot of backlinks. Even if you feel you have a lot, the competition most
likely has thousands. To get enough backlinks to rank you’ll want to target other companies that
may be interested in your product and convenience them to link you. To find these companies,
go to Content Explorer and search your topic, then narrow down the filters and work your way
down the list.

5. Thinking That SEO Only Has To Be Done Once

SEO strategies have to be continuously worked on, as your future ranking is never guaranteed. Start with your webpage’s content, then add your 1st-page ranking keywords, and then continuously optimize your website. Optimization can mean introducing internal links, keeping your page speed fast, and ensuring that Google bots can crawl your site.

Learning about SEO is a long process and one that takes time and energy. Companies like
ours can help walk you through the steps and ensure you avoid the top SEO mistakes.

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