Optimizing Your Website for Voice Search

Optimizing Your Website for Voice Search

These days, more people are using the voice control function than ever, and Siri has become a common staple in the technology world. Knowing that the primary way to drive website traffic is through SEO, meaning search engine optimization, companies must be aware of how to optimize your website for voice search. In this blog, we’ll give you voice search strategies to make your website the first on the search engine results of those using the voice search function on their phones.

Keyword Length Is Important

Finding your website’s keywords is simple, for example, if your company sells women’s hats, your primary keyword would be “Women’s Hats”. However, when trying to optimize your website for voice search, long-tail keywords are more beneficial. Long-tail keywords are phrases that still identify your business’s primary focus but in a more long-winded way. In the example used above, a long-tail keyword would be “cheap women’s hats” or “women’s hats online”. Although this lowers the search volume, it enhances the specificity, leading the people who are looking for your product to your website. Long-tail keywords help voice search optimization, because Siri responds with your company, as opposed to the companies that only use short, two-word keywords. This is because when asking Siri a question, it is more likely that she will respond with a company’s name that uses long-tail keywords.

Use Your Keywords in Question Form

Instead of just implementing your top keywords try to form them into a question, such as “where are the best women’s hats near me?” This ensures that the voice search pulls up your website first, and responds with your company answer.

Your Website Should Be Accessible by Phone

Once you’ve landed the user’s click to find your product, an important thing to consider is the layout of your website. A lot of potential customers are searching by their phones anyways, but consumers using voice search 100% are, so your web design should be easy read on a mobile device.  

Your Tone Should Be Casual

If you’re trying to optimize your website for voice search, use a conversational tone. The voice search is more likely to spotlight your business if your copy is casual and informal. Try to think of your website’s copy as a response to a potential customer’s query. An example of casual language is “If you’re looking for cheap women’s hats near me, you’ve come to the right place”. It’s important to note that although you want the tone of your website to be casual, it should also be brief. Creating concise yet conversational copy is a great way to optimize your voice search results. 

Target The Right Audience

Optimize content for voice search by including the location of your business and the areas it serves. Your business should be using metrics to discover what location you should be targeting. Companies can do this by including their region in their content. A great idea for businesses is to create pages with specific locations included.

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