Youtube Search Insights From an SEO Perspective

Youtube Search Insights From an SEO Perspective

Content is always king and this extends to video content where users are consuming a lot of their information on businesses on YouTube, so content creators need show their authentic selves. Using the correct keywords when writing your descriptions, and the keywords you target is essential to help your video show up in the search engines to the right audience. It will be important for any YouTube content creators to use YouTube Suggested Video SEO to find phrases that your target audience actually searches for.

My first impressions about the YouTube search insights tool is it will give marketers and creators the right metrics to be able to see if you are reaching the right audience, the impressions videos are getting, along with click-through-rates (CTR), views, unique visitors, etc., much like Google Analytics gives you for your website. I think this Search Insights tool will be good so you can create a strong SEO strategy for YouTube, see if it’s working, and adjust accordingly if it it’s not instead of trying to guess what videos are working. This tool will give you the data to make informed and critical decisions about your videos.

This can only enhance your SEO strategy because you can now write content around videos, and then link to that video with the right keywords so that you can have a full circle strategy. Just like you optimize everything on your website from your alt (image) tags, header tags, meta descriptions, etc., you can now link out to videos that relate to that content and so your SEO strategy will be even stronger. This is really great for SEO specialists because it’s hard to optimize videos without metrics, so now there will be a tool to make your SEO strategy solid and have data to report out on that’s accurate.

The feature I’m most looking forward to, and that I think will be most useful is the tab that will provide insights into the key topics of interest among your viewers. Along with search volume and the amount of traffic your channel is getting based on each query, this tool will be helpful to see what’s working and what isn’t on your channel.

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